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We carry products from Mathews, Mission, Bear & Hoyt and more

Stress-Free Service

Here at Dave’s, we strive to give you the most relaxing and stress-free experience we can offer and will not hand you a bow and let you go on your way. Our staff is here to teach and guide each individual through the wonderful world of archery whether you’re a first-time archer and a seasoned veteran we are here to serve you. We service all bow manufactures for compounds, recurves and crossbows and can fix any and all problems you may have.
Archery - Try before you buy at Dave's Sporting Goods - Pittsfield MA

Full Archery Experience

Try it before you buy it! The full archery experience here at Dave’s Sporting Goods starts with educating you on the different styles or bows to find few options that best suit you whether that is a Compound, Recurve or Crossbow. We will set draw length a correct poundage on all bows that suit you best and take you down on our range so you can feel the differences so you can make a confident decision on your new bow. The full archery experience doesn’t stop here at Dave’s. We will then help guide you through the next step of picking out sights, rests, releases, arrows, and other accessories you may need to ensure you have the best experience we can deliver. Our staff will measure and cut you arrows to the proper length and assembly them for you to be sure you get the most accuracy. Once your new bow is set up to your specs, we will take you back down on the range to get your sight adjusted and make any final adjustments that may be needed to ensure you are comfortable. Once you have had 100 arrows through your bow you will come back so we can do final paper tune to make sure you are getting perfect arrow flight and there is never any added costs!

Archery Brands Carried

Mathews Bows - Dave's Sporting Goods

Authorized Mathews dealer.

Mission Archery - Dave's Sporting Goods

Vertical Bows & Crossbows

Hoyt Bows - Dave's Sporting Goods

Compound Bows

Bear Archery - Dave's Sporting Goods

Traditional & Compound Bows

Recurve Brands

  • OMP recurves

Crossbow Brands

  • Bear-X crossbows
  • Ravin Crossbows
  • Ten-point crossbows
  • Wicked Ridge crossbows

Arrow Brands

  • Easton Arrows
  • Gold Tip Arrows
  • Black Eagle Arrows


  • NAP Broadheads
  • Rage Broadheads
  • Muzzy Broadheads
  • Wasp Broadheads

Full Line of Archery Services Available

Dave’s Sporting Goods offers archery services for your bows, arrows and compound bows. Listed below are many of the services we provide. If you don’t see an archery service you are looking for, call us. We can help.

Archery Services

  • Custom arrow building
  • Re-fletching arrows
  • Cutting of arrow shafts and insert installation
  • Draw length adjustments
  • Draw weight adjustments
  • Install, serve and set the correct height of peep sights
  • Install D loops and set to level
  • Install kisser button
  • Install and adjust sights
  • Install and set center shot on rests
  • Install quivers, stabilizers, slings, and silencers
  • Re-string compound bows both strings and cables from any Manufacturer
  • Re-string recurve string
  • Set timing on dual cam bows
  • Complete bow set-ups

Crossbow Services

  • Re-string crossbows both strings and cables from any Manufacturer
  • Scope mounting
  • Set timing on cams
  • Replace cams/limbs/sleds
  • Assembly of crossbows
Archery Services - Dave's Sporting Goods, Pittsfield MA